Sleeping Chestnut-naped Forktail

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Since the posting of Sleeping Birds earlier on, a few people have written expressing concern about disturbing these birds in their sleep, especially when flash is used to photograph them. Forest Ang is one such concerned person. He was at … Continued

Sleeping birds

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An earlier post of a sleeping Common Tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) that looked like a tiny ball of feathers has spawned another report on sleeping birds by Eddie Lee. This time we have a few images of the tailorbird in dreamland … Continued

What does a tailorbird do at night?

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Yes, what does a tailorbird do at night? Or all diurnal birds for that matter. Why, some but not all sleep. Many waders feed at night when the mudflats are exposed due to low tide. So they cannot afford to … Continued

Do birds sleep?

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Yes, birds do sleep. Like all warm-blooded animals, they sleep when they are tired and full of food. After all, most birds cannot see well at night. Only a few, like the owls, have large eyes specially adapted for night … Continued

Roost of the Great Hornbill

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As far as we know, there is only one Great Hornbill (Buceros bicronis) in Singapore. And this bird is an escapee, probably from the Jurong Bird Park some years ago. For some months now, this bird has paired up with … Continued