Wildlife photography

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Slim Sreedharan read our post on “Birding Ethics: For Photographers, by Photographers” recently. It reminded him of a paper he wrote some 20 years ago during Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park Bird Photography contests in the late eighties, when he was … Continued

Some thoughts on bird photographers

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“I must confess that I am rather new to the world of birding and bird photography. Apart from all the interesting observations posted on the BESGroup blog, I owe much to individuals such as Subaraj, Gim Cheong, Dr Ho Hua … Continued

To flash or not to flash?

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Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating flashing as this may involve breaking the law. What I mean is flashing from the photographer’s point of view, especially when birds are the subjects. Birders and photographers have always argued about … Continued