Javan Myna chick: 1. Rescue

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On 21st February 2008, Lin Yangchen offered me a Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) nestling that a colleague of his picked up near their office. This is my second nestling, the first was a Little Heron (Butorides striatus) that I looked … Continued

Flamebacks duo

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Four species of ‘Flamebacks’ are identified in SEA field guides to birds but only two resident species, Greater Flameback (Chrysocolaptes lucidus) and Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense) are found quite frequently in Malaysia’s open deciduous woodlands, secondary forests and mangrove areas. … Continued

Grey Nightjar

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On 23rd November 2007, Daniel Koh spotted a Grey Nightjar (Caprimulgus indicus), a rare passage migrant and winter visitor. The bird was perching on a large branch (left). Many birders came across the Grey on a branch, unlike the resident … Continued

Eye colour in bulbuls

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Light enters the eye through the pupil. The iris (Latin for “rainbow), the coloured part of the eye surrounding the pupil, controls the amount entering the eye. When lighting is bright, the pupil closes. It opens up when lighting is … Continued

Eyelashes in birds?

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On 9th February 2007, Heng Fook Hai posted a close-up image of the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) and he noticed something he did not see before. So he posed the following questions: “I seldom see birds with long eyelashs … Continued

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