Upland Pipit taking off…

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The Upland Pipit (Anthus sylanus) is a poorly known mountain species found between 1,200 m and 3,000 m in the Himalayas and south China. It is usually seen along steep, boulder-strewn slopes covered with low vegetation. During non-breeding periods it … Continued

Bird Strike or Bird Aircraft Strike Hazards

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Introduction “During a bird watching visit overseas, while at transit at an airport, I observed the airport staff using a double barrel shotgun to disperse raptors (above). As the flights from this transit airport were limited, regulated and fixed, the … Continued

Tiger Shrike – foot disease

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“I noticed that in the vast majority of instances, even when perched on different branches, that the Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus) I posted yesterday favours the left foot, keeping the right tucked away (above). “I at first though it was … Continued

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