A handicapped Blue-winged Leafbird

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Choo Teik Ju a.k.a choo was in China recently and brought back images of a female Blue-winged Leafbird taken from the Liuxihe National Forest Park, Conghua. The bird had an injured right foot but this did not prevent her from … Continued

Malayan Water Monitor catching catfish

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Meibao sent in this note and the image above: “I was lucky enough to see a monitor lizard with a very very fresh-looking catfish in its jaws during low tide. (At the main bridge just outside the main hide.) “Suspect … Continued

Oriental Pratincole: Adult and juvenile

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In June 2008 Nelson Khor posted images of the adult Oriental Pratincole (Glareola maldivarum) in breeding plumage and a juvenile, and commented that it: “Is common in Penang and Kedah in Malaysia, once they arrive, immediately they start nesting, when … Continued

BESG’s Russian connection

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Tatiana Petrova, an ornithologist from St Petersburg, Russia wrote to BESG’s forum earlier, posting images of a chick a friend in Singapore picked up near Bukit Gombak Mass Rapid Transit Station. “I help people to raise picked nestlings of passerines … Continued

To handle or not to handle young birds?

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Meibao was taking a stroll in the Singapore Botanical Gardens one day in June 2008 when… “I came across what seemed to be a stranded Yellow-vented Bulbul chick (Pycnonotus goiavier)… I only noticed it as its parent was trying to … Continued

Close encounter with an Asian Koel

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It was evening, round about 1730 hours. I was sitting under my porch reading. Suddenly there was the loud and distinct swish-swish-swish, reminding me of the flapping of a powerful pairs of wings. Puzzled, I looked around. There, above me … Continued

Asian Glossy Starling: Juvenile sex

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In May 2008, Adrian Lim a.k.a. wmw998 documented a pair of juvenile Asian Glossy Starlings (Aplonis panayensis) copulating, or so it seems (below). “Are they actually copulating or just experimenting as with most juveniles?” he wonders. Birds learn from observing … Continued

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