YC Wee
on 30th August 2023

Citizen scientists, especially birdwatchers are members of the public that collect data on birds for scientists to make use of in their scientific articles and reports. As far back as […]

YC Wee
on 18th August 2023

The Garden City campaign of the late 1960s saw the lining of all roads with trees. Initially to provide shade, the trees were subsequently used to attract birds back to […]

YC Wee
on 12th July 2023

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird…So let’s look at the […]

YC Wee
on 6th July 2023

In April 1991 the Rotary Club, Hongkong Bank, Business Times and The New Paper organised the Preservers of Planet Earth award. Out of more than 20 entries, the then Malayan […]

YC Wee
on 24th May 2023

The Straits Times of 4th March, 1993. In the 1960s the then Malayan Nature Society (Singapore Branch) played an important role in making people aware of the need to conserve […]

YC Wee
on 26th April 2023

L-P: Hilary Briffett, Shamla Subaraj, Subaraj Rajathurai, Clive Briffett. Bird Group: The Nature Society has always farmed out activities to special interest groups. The late Clive Briffett formed the Bird […]

YC Wee
on 9th April 2023

During the early 1960s most of the members of the then Malayan Nature Society (Singapore Branch) were Caucasian expatriates. These members came mainly from the then Raffles Museum, Botanic Gardens […]

YC Wee
on 5th April 2023

  Mandai mangrove, facing the Singapore causeway. Mangroves were once extensive along the northern and western coasts of the main island of Singapore. They usually develop within the tidal river […]

YC Wee
on 3rd April 2023

Nature talks were invariably requested by the various organisations and the Nature Society was ever-willing to oblige. After all, we were into nature appreciation and there was a need to […]

YC Wee
on 31st March 2023

  The first two issues of the Singapore Science Centre’s pocket-sized Guide Book. The Nature Society has always introduced nature to the lay public by way of guided walks. However, […]


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