Another escape: Yellow-fronted Canary

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KC Tsang came across another exotic escape, a very rare illegal immigrant to our shores at Ponggol Grassland. It puzzled him as to its identity as it is not in his Robson field guide. He had to resort to his … Continued

Greater Bird of Paradise sighted

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ON 12th April 2009, Gloria Seow sent in this report: “Was at East Coast Park at 7.30am near Bedok Jetty when we heard a strange call. Upon investigating, we spotted the Greater Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea apoda) (43cm) with our … Continued

Escapee Palm Cockatoo sighted

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A Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) was sighted at Upper Seletar by Eric Pooi a.k.a. ericp in early March 2009. According to Eric, this is clearly an escapee, as “…there is a broken chain on his leg… hopefully it can survived … Continued

Mystery of the lost toucan solved

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Earlier, we posted the sighting of a Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) perched on the TV anntena of a house at Seletar Hills in Singapore. Later, Hai-Ren alerted us to the three STOMP posts, the Straits Times online website, one of … Continued

Toucan sighting

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“On the morning of 20th Jan 09, Michelle Ooi Siew May spotted a Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) perched on the anntena of her neighbour house at Seletar Hills. The bird was spotted at 7.45am while Michelle was on her way … Continued

Narcondam Hornbill: Addendum

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An extremely rare Narcondam Hornbill (Rhyticeros narcondami) that is confined to the Narcondam and Andaman Islands was photographed in early November 2008 at Singapore’s Bidadari Cemetery. This bird is obviously an escapee. After its sighting was posted, Joseph Lai was … Continued

Sighting of the Red Avadavat

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The Red Avadavat (Amandava amandavat), also known as Red Munia and Strawberry Finch, is a South Asian bird the size of a sparrow. Because of its colourful plumage, it is a popular cage bird. A number of countries, including Malaysia … Continued

Sighting of Pin-tailed Whydah

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Alvin a.k.a. epiphytophile of was at Changi Cove on the afternoon of 9th April 2008 when he saw a strange and unfamiliar looking bird with a prominently long tail (above). He managed to get a few pictures before the … Continued

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