White-tailed Robin – Nesting Issues

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I was in Cameron Highlands on 25th April 2022 and observed a number of White-tailed Robins (Myiomela leucura leucura) nesting. One of the nesting birds interested me as I had seen this unusual behaviour before. I saw what appeared to … Continued

New nectar source for Black-throated Sunbird  

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  Black-throated Sunbird taking nectar from Ipomoea indica. Yesterday, 25th April 2022, at Cameron Highlands, I saw a female Black-throated Sunbird (Aethopyga saturata wrayi) feeding on the nectar of Ipomoea indica (Ocean-blue Morning Glory, an exotic) using nectar robbing technique. The images are poor as … Continued

Images of the Spectacled Bulbul

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1st January 2021. The Spectacled Bulbul (Pycnonotus/Rubigula erythropthalmos erythropthalmos) is a personal favourite. All were photographed on various dates at the Kledang-Sayong Forest Reserve, a primary forest at Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. 15th October 2019. 14th January 2021. 14th January 2021. … Continued