Java Sparrow – roosting site

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A few months ago my wife and I identified an urban night roosting site for Java Sparrows (Lonchura oryzivora). I have visited the site a few times and the birds use the site daily. There are about 300-400 Java Sparrows … Continued

yellow-green parrot

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  Yellow-Green Parrot On 23 Jan 2021, I saw a strange coloured bird in a tree in Serangoon Gardens area. Can anyone comment? Is it an escapee of the exotic pet trade? Is it a natural feather colour mutation?

Bay Woodpecker – family unit

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These were near impossible images to get, high up in thick foliage and observed in overcast weather with light rain, but worth reporting. Bay Woodpeckers (Blythipicus pyrrhotis cameroni) are noted to forage singly and partners do not forage close to … Continued