Sentosa’s Buffy Fish Owl

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On 2nd February 2007, Angie Ng wrote: “Did I wake up the owl with my trampling on the leaf litter? Aren’t owls supposed to be asleep in the day? What owl is this? It gave me a fright! I thought … Continued

Owls in Singapore

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Have you ever seen an owl in its natural environment? I bet many have not. Yet many have heard of owls. I did, even when I was a small boy. I was told that owls brought bad luck, especially when … Continued

Common Iora: Courtship ritual

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K.C. Tsang was birding recently in Perak, Malaysis with Alan OwYong and Connie Khoo when they had an encounter of the musical kind. Here is KC’s story: “We were driving along through the bushes in the Malim Nawar Wetlands when … Continued

Asian Koel and Javan Myna

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On the afternoon of 3rd February 2007, I was alerted by the shrill call of a bird outside my windows. Curious, I went out into the garden to investigate. There, perching on a branch of a Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) … Continued

Eagle attacking Kite’s nest

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In November 2006 Allan Teo, together with other photographers, were at Changi, when suddenly, there appeared a large eagle that hopped on to the ground nearby. As Allan continues, “It was a sudden surprise encounter that froze all the photographers. … Continued

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