LW Teo

LW Teo
on 1st September 2023

A Sooty Oyster Catcher was seen manipulating a sea snail ( probably a Black periwinkle, Nerita sp. ). The bird wielded its long beak like a pair of chopsticks: picking […]

LW Teo
on 25th August 2023

Wong Kais has never seen a Hooded Plover in Victor Harbor in his many forays to the beach. He often encountered the warning sign to stay clear of the vegetation […]

LW Teo
on 14th August 2023

On 11 August 2023, a commotion in the beachside vegetation attracted Wong Kais’ attention. He saw two Little Ravens, Corvus mellori, diving repeatedly into a mixed vegetation clump comprising Leptospermum […]

LW Teo
on 12th August 2023

Kau Poh Moi heard a din outside her bedroom window and looked out to investigate. 3 mischievous and noisy hornbills were creating a ruckus on a mango tree right outside […]

LW Teo
on 11th August 2023

Wong Kais observed Asian koels, Eudynamys scolopaceus, feeding on ripe papaya fruits on two separate occasions. On 6 July 2023, Wong Kais spotted a male Koel feeding on a ripe […]

LW Teo
on 1st August 2023
A musk duck seen at the freshwater Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool. 26 March 2023. Attribute Wong Kais. […]
LW Teo
on 11th July 2023

The nesting of Black-winged Kites, Elanus caeruleus at Marina Bay, Singapore had enthralled photographers for some years now. Recently, Jeremiah Loei visited the kite family and documented a juvenile taking […]

LW Teo
on 29th June 2023

Soh Kam Yung was making his way back to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Visitor Centre, due to the coming rain when he saw this small bee resting on a […]

LW Teo
on 16th June 2023

Sheng Lau’s family had lost pineapples on two previous occasions. The first pineapple was growing well and the family looked forward to harvesting a sweet and ripe pineapple soon. However, […]

LW Teo
on 15th June 2023

A Collette’s Pygmy Halfbeak (Dermogenys collettei) spotted by Soh Kam Yung in the stream at Windsor Nature Park on 8 March 2023. A small fish that, like the very common […]


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