Daurian Starling/Purple-backed Starling

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Large flocks of Daurian Starling/Purple-backed Starling (Agropsar sturninus) at this wetlands site. The flock I was watching had in excess of 95 birds. They forage both on fruit and insects. For insects they behave like a “mixed foraging party of … Continued

Black-headed Munia/Chestnut Munia – nest

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A Black-headed Munia (Lonchura malacca sinensis) nest located 2 meters up in a bush overhanging a mining pool. Still active and may require a visit when the birds have fledged for measurements (none available locally).   Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) Ipoh, Perak, … Continued

Red-throated Barbet – male

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This was an unexpected sighting of the Red-throated Barbet (Megalaima mystacophanos mystacophanos). I was at the fringe of the city at an old run-down orchard (within the restrictions of our partial lockdown) when this bird flew in. It had come … Continued

A flock of Ashy Minivets…

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While birdwatching in the forest in January 2021, I encountered a small flock of Ashy Minivets (Pericrocotus divaricatus) consisting of 7 birds, of which 2 were adult males and the rest females or first year birds. Some of these birds … Continued

Lesser Green Leafbird – female

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Lesser Green Leafbird (Chloropsis cyanopogon) female feeding on fruit of the Buchanania arborescens (Gooseberry Tree or Sparrow’s Mango) (above). The Greater Green Leafbird (Chloropsis sonnerati zosterops) female was also feeding in the same tree (below). Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) – Ipoh, Perak, … Continued