Banded Broadbill

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I observed this single Banded Broadbill (Eurylaimus javanicus pallidus) as part of a mixed foraging party. Most sources do not state its participation in bird waves excect for Wells (2007) who quotes one source to affirm this. The other birds … Continued

Zebra Dove – allopreening

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A pair of adult Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) allopreening. Image shows a male preening a female. The preening was reciprocated. Sexing done using Gibbs, D., Barnes, E. and Cox, J. (2001). Pigeons and doves: a guide to the pigeons and … Continued

White-headed Munia

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Was watching birds in the large overgrown Chinese graveyard just next to our home. The Covid-19 lockdowns appear to have been good for the White-headed Munias (Lonchura maja). Saw two different flocks. One flock, that I could image and count, … Continued

Large-tailed Nightjar

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Our more than 2 year resident male Large-tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus bimaculatus) has a purpose-built platform that it uses most days. But occasionally a new perch is tested. Here resting on the large leaf of a Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) species growing wild … Continued

Banded Woodpecker – nest building

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One hole/nest is just not enough for this Banded Woodpecker (Chrysophlegma miniaceum malaccense).   Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia   Location: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia Habitat: Semi-urban environment Date: 13th February 2019 Equipment: Nikon D500 SLR with Tamron SP … Continued

Blue-throated Bee-eaters

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I observed 4 Blue-throated Bee-eaters (Merops viridis) that were loosely together, self-feeding in a 30 meter radius, and were probably a family group. Two birds were juveniles in transition to adult plumage but at different stages – one had developed … Continued

Banded Woodpecker – at bird bath

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An older video and DSLR images of a male Banded Woodpecker (Chrysophlegma miniaceum malaccense) at our home bird bath and drinking pond. Many birds come, including the odd raptor. Video here: Sadly as more mature trees in the neighbourhood are … Continued

Abbott’s Babbler

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I am always surprised at how many pairs of Abbott’s Babblers (Malacocincla abbotti olivacea) there are in overgrown, secondary growth locations all over the city. I spent 50 minutes with one pair today and after a while they tolerated my … Continued