Large woodshrike delighted crowds at Chek Jawa, Singapore

Family: Vangidae Name: Large Woodshrike (Tephrodornis gularis, also known as Tephrodornis virgatus) Interesting snippets: The woodshrikes used to be placed with the shrikes (Family Laniidae) but is now placed in its own family. Shares many similarities with Laniidae members but … Continued

Banded Broadbill

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I observed this single Banded Broadbill (Eurylaimus javanicus pallidus) as part of a mixed foraging party. Most sources do not state its participation in bird waves excect for Wells (2007) who quotes one source to affirm this. The other birds … Continued

© Nesting Building – Large Woodshrikes

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“A bird study retreat came with many surprises end of March 2011. Apart from a peaceful ambience of a forest resort to invigorate in, there were enough flora and fauna activities to keep occupied and to sharpen my digiscopic skills. … Continued