Abbott’s Babbler vs. Horsfield’s Babbler

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There was some suggestion initially when I posted this Abbott’s Babbler (Malacocincla abbotti olivacea) on another group that it might be a Horsfield’s Babbler (Malacocincla sepiaria). Although I did see the bird in primary forest at a stream, however calls … Continued

Abbott’s Babbler

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I am always surprised at how many pairs of Abbott’s Babblers (Malacocincla abbotti olivacea) there are in overgrown, secondary growth locations all over the city. I spent 50 minutes with one pair today and after a while they tolerated my … Continued

SAVE MACRITCHIE FOREST: 11. Birds and their Status

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Appeal to Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to re-route the proposed cross-island MRT line away from the MacRitchie forest – sign the petition HERE. “The Central Nature Reserve protects our precious remaining rainforest. However, the forest is actually broken into many … Continued