Stints in flight

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Some Stints (Calidris subminuta) seen in flight seen at the Malim Nawar wetlands. 2 different types of Stints in the image. Possibilities: Little, Red-necked, Temminck’s, Long-toed Stints Not Temminck’s from plumage Darker birds with narrower white wing stripes are Long-toed … Continued

Long-toed Stint

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“Scatted number of Long-toed Stints (Calidris subminuta) over a large part of this in-land wetlands area. One small flock I saw was 12 birds but total number must exceed 25. Some birds were very patient and cooperative for images (above, … Continued

Long-toed Stint

“A small flock of Long-toed Stints (Calidris subminuta). “Identification supported by the yellowish feet, combined with longer neck posture (more upright), finely streaked neck and upper breast, and possibly long mid-toe. “Wells 1999 says “food uninvestigated”, possibly when migratory. They … Continued