Citron bug Leptoglossus gonagra

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Soh Kam Yung spotted a Citron Bug (Leptoglossus gonagra) at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector on 19 Feb 2023.
Family                        : Coreidae (leaf-footed bug)
Common names       : passionvine bug, citron bug, squash bug

Interesting snippets :

+ about 18 mm long and 6 mm wide

+ long antennae with black and orange bands

+ dorsal surface dark brown, ventral surface with small orange spots

+ host plants include bean plants like mung beans, legumes, passion fruit, coffee, mango, citrus and cucurbits (watermelon, pumpkin, luffa, bitter gourd and cucumber)

+ nymphs hatch from eggs and moult five times

+ adults and nymphs inflict economic damage to farmers’ crops as they feed on the plant sap and cause the

shoots to shrivel

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Photos © Soh Kam Yung
Texts by Teo Lee Wei
4. Bronze orange bug. Best and Easiest method to control these bugs on citrus trees by Trish Restante
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