Laced Woodpecker mother feeds chick with regurgitated food

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Jeremiah Loei was at Mount Faber on 1 April 2023 when he captured the following video footage of a Laced Woodpecker mother feeding its chick.  The chick begged at the nest entrance and the mother fed the chick a couple of times with regurgitated food before flying off, presumably to gather more food for the still hungry chick. In another observation Jeremiah observed two chicks begging at the nest entrance.

When Jeremiah returned to the spot on 2 April 2023 he found one chick flapping on the ground and then gradually making its way up a tree. Its sibling was still in the nest.

The fledgling flapped around on the ground.

Image: The fledgling found its way up a small tree after flapping around on the ground.

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