Blue-billed Duck

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                                                                                    Australian Blue-billed duck ( Oxyura australis )

Wong Kais spotted a single male Blue-billed duck at the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens on 30 October 2022.  It was very avoidant in behaviour and only a few quick shots and a short video were obtained after 30 minutes. The photo gallery below is a sample of the photos of this elusive duck.

Image A : Australian Blue-billed duck (Oxyura australis) ( Warrnambool Botanic Garden, 30th October 2022). Body is deep reddish brown color, head is black, bill is powder-blue. Black eyes are well camouflaged by the black head. It is a diving duck that usually sits low in the water, with its short spiky tail submerged. They are rather shy. When they notice an observer nearby, they will frequently dive or sneak into the reeds, making it difficult to obtain a good picture.
Image B : sits low in water, with short spiky tail submerged.
Image C: turns and swims away when photographer came into its view.
Image D: A closer shot of the duck.
Image E: Blue-billed duck swimming amongst water lily plants.
Image F: Another perspective of the duck amongst water lily plants.
Image G: short spiky tail seen when it dives.  Water cascades over the stiff tail feathers.
Image H: Black eyes indistinguishable from the black head.
Image I: Duck paddling in the pond.
Image J: The eyes are discernible in this close-up shot.
Image K: Paddling away very quickly.
Image L: Again and again, the duck paddled away when it spotted the photographer’s interest in it.


photos, videos, texts by Michael wong



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