Blue-tailed Bee-eater of Seletar Aerospace, Singapore

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This photo gallery showcases the Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Merops philippinus, getting on with its life. Johnny Wee visited the Seletar Aerospace Park between November 2021 and January 2022 and was rewarded with these beautiful photo shots.  The bird is noticeable as its blue and green feathers are very eye-catching.  A black eye stripe gives the illusion of a bandit in flight. The long blue tail is obvious in flight and at perch.

The birds at this park forage acrobatically and return to the same favourite perch after snaring a prey. The sorties can be short and frequent. The patient photographer is able to observe the birds taking off and returning to low and bare branches.

Photo 1: Bird in flight. 1 November 2021
Photo 2: With a dragonfly prey. 2 October 2021
Photo 3: Preening its feathers while perched on a bare branch. 3 October 2021
Photo 4: Manipulating an insect prey. 4 October 2021
Photo 5: Landing on favourite perch with prey in beak. 5 October 2021
Photo 6: Resting on favourite perch with prey in beak. 6 October 2021
Photo 7: Hornet prey in beak. November 2021
Photo 8: Manipulating hornet prey. November 2021
Photo 9: Flying towards favourite perch with insect prey. November 2021
Photo 10: Potential prey unaware of danger it is facing. November 2021
Photo 11: Dragonfly prey in beak. November 2021
Photo 12: Tossing a grasshopper prey. November 2021
Photo 13: Grasshopper caught after the tossing. November 2021
Photo 14: Beautiful flight and tail feathers in full display during flight. November 2021
Photo 15: Catching an insect prey in flight. November 2021
Photo 16: A satisfied Bee-eater. December 2021
Photo 17: Enjoying a rain shower. January 2022
Photo 18: Insect prey in beak. January 2022
Photo 19: Feathers ruffled in the wind. January 2022


All photos © Johnny Wee.

Seletar Aerospace Park.


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