Avifauna Memoirs of Dover Forest East: Successful Breeding of Oriental Pied Hornbill in 2022

This maiden post by Chng Eng Keong and his wife Michelle, who go by the name Birds Bond, is the product of months of field observations, videography, research and video processing.  They have presented their documentation in a summarised and easy to follow time-line. The beautifully produced and edited videos of this pair of nesting Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) educate and inform our readers of the dedication and specialised roles that male and female OPH undertake in procreation. All this reproductive tango results in one precious offspring after approximately 90 days.

Video 1: A variety of food presented by male OPH.

Video 2: Confrontations between female CHE (Changeable Hawk Eagle) and male OPH.

Video 3: Successful fledging of chick at 0835 h.

Video 4: Female left nest at 1500 h.


Eng Keong and Michelle are observing other birds in Dover Forest East and will share more of the fruit of their labours in future posts.

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