Grey-crowned Crane Balearica regulorum

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The Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum belongs to the crane family, Gruidae. This  native of Eastern and Southern Africa is an endangered species. A lone bird, believed to be male, has taken up residency at  Seletar Aerospace Crescent, Singapore.  This ‘happy, dancing’ bird is probably an escaped or released bird from a pet farm. Its partner died sometime ago and its lonely calls are unanswered.  It feeds on seeds, insects, worms, frogs, small fish and snakes. Refer to the references section for You-tube videos of this bird taken by different birders.

Johnny Wee shares beautiful images of this lonely bird he captured over a period of time.

Image 1: Head shot shows an attractive crown of golden stiff feathers. 7 March 2022.
Image 2: The lone Grey crowned crane in flight. 7 March 2022.
Image 3: The Grey crowned crane with wings on the down-stroke during flight. 5 January 2022.
Image 4: On the down-stroke, slots between primary feathers at outer section of wings help to reduce drag and vortices at wingtips. 5 January 2022.
Image 5: A close-up shot of the crown feathers shows subtle patterns formed by the feathers. 18 November 2021.

These birds form permanent bond pairs and share parental duties.  They have a life-span of 22 years.

Photographs © Johnny Wee.

Texts and captions by Teo Lee Wei.


  1. You-tube video of the crane foraging and calling
  2. You-tube video showing the crane dancing on a taxi

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