A Tribute to Dr Clive F Mann – Ornithologist, Friend and Kind Soul

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Some of us were devastated by the news that Dr Clive F Mann, suddenly and unexpectedly, died on 24th August 2022 due to a medical problem. This short article is to remember our friend and help as we work through the grief of losing him.

Image 1: Dr Clive F. Mann from his Facebook page.

Some of you may know Clive as an excellent ornithologist and an expert on the birds of Southeast Asia. Clive was a member of the MNS Record Review Committee, where his special Borneo bird knowledge was put to good use.

He had written numerous research articles and three wonderful books, which include:

  1. Sunbirds: A Guide to the Sunbirds, Flowerpeckers, Spiderhunters and Sugarbirds of the World. Helm Identification Guide Series, 2001, Helm. Written together with Robert A Cheke and illustrated by Richard Allen.
Image 2: Book cover of guide book on Sunbirds by Robert A Cheke, Clive F Mann and Richard Allen.
  1. The Birds of Borneo. BOC Checklists Volume: 23, 2008, British Ornithologists’ Union.  At one time in his life, Clive had a teaching role in Brunei, where he took over the role of coordinating national record keeping and published intermittent country reports. This led to his book on Borneo birds.
Image 3: Book cover of The Birds of Borneo by Clive F. Mann.
  1. Cuckoos of the World. Helm Identification Guide Series, 2012, Helm. Written together with Johannes Erritzøe, Frederik P Brammer and Richard A Fuller.
Image 4: Book cover of Cuckoos of the World by Johannes Erritzøe, Clive F. Mann, Frederik P. Brammer and Richard A. Fuller.

At the time of his demise, he was actively working on a major revision to the Helm Identification Guide – Sunbirds: A Guide to the Sunbirds, Flowerpeckers, Spiderhunters and Sugarbirds of the World. We hope this will be part of his continued legacy to all of us.

Clive was based in London, England and had a PhD in Ornithology from the City of London Polytechnic in 1979-1984. He was involved in many ornithology societies and was the past chairperson of the British Ornithologists’ Club, Trust for Oriental Ornithology and the present chairperson of the Trust for Avian Systematics. He was also a long-standing member of the British Ornithologists’ Union and Linnean Society of London.

Clive was far more than a gifted ornithologist. He was interested and involved in human rights, civil rights and social action, disaster and humanitarian relief, poverty alleviation and, of course, the environment.

Clive was a wonderful person and friend. He was an encouraging person and was always appreciative and respectful of the observations of others, including young bird watchers. Having communicated often with him, it was always a joy to listen to his insights and perspectives. He was humble and always willing to learn from others.

We shall miss his wise words and kind opinions; and especially his friendship. We trust that he lives on in the work that he has shared with us and in the impact he has had on our lives.

Image 5: Photo of Clive F. Mann on his Facebook page.


Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

18th September 2022


Note: Clive’s funeral will take place at Mortlake Crematorium on : 23rd September, Friday at 12.40 pm.

Read :


for further information about the funeral.



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