Grey-rumped Treeswift Couple

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Jeremiah Loei visited the Grey-rumped Treeswifts (Hemiprocne longipennis) nesting at Dawson Road, Singapore. The other bird-watchers who had been staking out the place related that Mrs Treeswift had been sitting at the nest for many hours.  Mr Treeswift was no where in sight. It went M.I.A! (missing in action). The video above by Jeremiah shows a very restless Mrs Treeswift.

Read the post: Grey-rumped Treeswift: Male feeding chick and calling female for a shift change with video footages taken by Jeremiah Loei in 2017, showing the male treeswift calling for a shift change.


The three photographs below show the same couple on a different day.

Photo 1: Mrs Treeswift at nest. Attribute to Shahrul Kamal. 9 September 2022. Dawson Road.
Photo 2: Mr Treeswift brooding the egg and calling for shift change. Dawson Road, Singapore. 9 September 2022. Attribute to Shahrul Kamal.
Photo 3: Mr Treeswift catching some shut-eye while brooding the single egg. 9 September 2022. Attribute to Shahrul Kamal.


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