World Birds Photography: Certificate of Excellence Award to Shahrul Kamal

on 2nd September 2022

BESGroup congratulates Shahrul on being awarded the Certificate of Excellence by World Birds Photography.

Image 1. The Facebook page of World Birds Photography which awarded Shahrul this Certificate of Excellence.


Image 2: Shahrul Kamal’s Certificate of Excellence. His winning shot of a Grey-bellied bulbul, Ixodia cyaniventris, is featured on the certificate. Panti Forest, Johor, Malaysia. 17 July 2022.


Image 3: Another view of the same bird.


Shahrul has been a regular contributor to BESGroup and his photographs often bring out feather colours and other identification details to readers.  His photographs captivate readers as the birds are captured engaging in survival activities. Lay people seldom see details of these bird activities as the birds are secretive and flit pass many of us. Shahrul’s camera  work captures the ambience and mood of the situations: the maternal/paternal instincts of the birds like protective and defensive stances, stressed parents looking for food to feed the hungry broods, the urgency of nest-building, cute chicks (feathered types) and fledglings going through their paces.  His love for bird documentation takes him to all parts of Singapore and her neighbours.


May Shahrul stay strong, healthy, determined and share more wonderful photographs which have yet to be taken.


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