Sumatran Flying Dragon, Draco sumatranus

on 19th June 2022

Three species of flying dragons can be found in Singapore. The black-bearded flying dragon (Draco melanopogon) and five-banded flying dragon (Draco quinquefasciatus) inhabit the forest reserves while the Sumatran flying dragon (Draco sumatranus) are denizens of urbanised areas. Flying dragons, also known as flying lizards, grow to approximately  24 cm – 27 cm. These diurnal lizards feed on ants and termites but lay eggs at the base of trees. They are in turn predated on by birds. A pair of wing-like skin (patagium), supported by extensions of the ribs enable the lizards to glide between trees.

Soh Kam Yung spotted a Sumatran Flying Dragon (Draco sumatranus) at Serangoon Park Connector on 18 June 2022. He was lucky to spot its profile on the tree. As photos 2 and 3 show, its camouflage is superb and easy to miss if it stays still.

Photo 1: Draco sumatranus, Sumatran flying dragon.  Copyright Soh Kam Yung.
Photo 2: The flying dragon’s colour blends well with the tree bark. Copyright Soh Kam Yung.
Photo 3: The dragon camouflaged against the tree trunk, appears as one of the raised ridges on the bark. Copyright Soh Kam Yung.


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  1. Biodiversity of Singapore: An encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development © 2011 Edited by: Peter KL Ng, Richard T. Corlett and Hugh T. W. Tan

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