Straw-headed bulbul feeding on flying lizard

Photo 1: Straw-headed bulbul with a dead flying lizard. Thong Chow Ngian. 14 June 2022.
Photo 2: The straw-headed bulbul flew away with the lizard when a couple of hikers appeared suddenly. Thong Chow Ngian. 14 June 2022


On 14 June 2022, I visited Singapore Quarry with a friend, Mr Derek Yeo. On our way out of the quarry, we spotted a Straw-headed bulbul (Pycnonotus zeylanicus) on the road along Jalan Asas. It had a flying lizard (Draco volans) in its mouth, see photo 1. The lizard looked lifeless. The bird seemed to be playing with the lizard; dropped the lizard a couple of times and picked it up again. It immediately flew away with the lizard when a couple of hikers appeared suddenly, see photo 2.

This observation supports the BESGroup article on 18 May 2022` Straw-headed bulbul at Rifle Range Road’ where the author mentioned that this frugivorous bird is also known to feed on small vertebrates like lizards.


Thong Chow Ngian


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