Sunbird removing faecal sacs

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Sunbirds have been building their nests on my bedroom balcony ceiling for 12 years . I think it’s because we have ginger flowers in the planter around the balcony. The first nest appeared soon after we planted the ginger flowers ( Heliconia sp.) .

We realized they build their nests from hanging plants and there is a corner of the balcony they favor so we put a money plant (Epipremnum sp.)there to entice them.

On 10 April 2022, the female started her building and the nest was completed around 20 April when I spotted her sitting inside the nest.

Not sure when the egg/s hatched as I can’t see inside the nest and don’t want to cause any disturbance.  All the photographs and videos were taken behind glass with an iphone in Tanglin.

Olive-backed sunbirds are known to complete the nest building one week before they lay their eggs. The 2 week incubation period is followed by nestling care for 2-3 weeks before they fledge. Egg incubation in this bird couple could have begun on 28 April 2022.

Photo 1: The female sunbird laying the first foundation.
Photo 2: The female sunbird hard at work.
Photo 3: The female sunbird sitting inside the completed nest.
Photo 4: The nestling protrudes its rear towards its mother and extrudes a faecal sac.
Photo 5: The mother bird removes the faecal sac from the nestling


Video 1 showing female parent bird removing faecal sac from a nestling. 19 May 2022.

Video 2 shows the female parent coaxing the hidden nestling to extrude a faecal sac and then flying off with it. 19 May 2022.


Jean Ho


19 May 2022.


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