Otters enjoy facilities at Reflections at Keppel Bay Condominium

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The video below by CL Ching was taken on 7 April 2022 at Reflections Condominium at Keppel Bay, Singapore.

The video captured the moment when a group of five smooth-coated otters, Lutrogale perspicillata, frollicked in the swimming pool and got curious about the swimming goggles and foam float. The otters were not afraid of the humans chatting by the side of the pool.


Read this advisory by Nparks which educates the public on otter encounters.

This post by Washington Post describes the comeback of the critically endangered otters in Singapore.

The following post about a  family of otters inflicting injury on a monitor lizard showcases the swift and cooperative response of these wild animals  

Read this post that conveys the mood and attitude of the public towards the otters’ presence in unexpected places.   relates the disappearance and then the successful re-establishment of the otters in Singapore.


BESGroup thanks CL Ching for her generosity in sharing her video with our readers.

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