Mangrove Jewel bug, Calliphara nobilis

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Soh Kam Yung spotted a group of Mangrove Jewel Bugs (Calliphara nobilis) spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 17 April 2022. He usually sees individuals, so it was a surprise to see a group for once.

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Photo by Soh Kam Yung. A cluster of adult Calliphara nobilis, the mangrove jewel bug.


Family                       :      Scutelleridae

Interesing snippets   :      Also known as mangrove shield bug or mangrove stink bug. Feed on leaves and so is described as phytophagous. They are coloured to warn would-be predators of their unpalatability and this is known as aposematically coloured. They are capable of secreting irritating fluids formed by sequestering toxins obtained from plants they have fed on.

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