Black-capped kingfisher with centipede in beak

Centipedes are present in home gardens, and also in Oil Palm estate, Selangor state of Malaysia.   Encik Mohamed Shah shared a photograph of a Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata) with a dead soil centipede in its beak. These kingfishers have been noted to feed on fish, lizards, frogs and large insects. Large preys are smacked against hard surfaces to kill them.

Photo courtesy of Mohamed Shah, Selangor, Malaysia. Note the black head and beautiful blue feathers on its back and wings. The blue feathers are sought after for (human) female ornamental adornments. April 2022.


   BESGroup thanks Lee Soo Ann of Klang, Selangor and Mohamed Shah of Selangor for sharing this event with our readers.

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