Release of a Slaty-breasted rail, Lewinia striata, after recovery from accident

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Lee Soo Ann shared a happy event that took place in Selangor, Malaysia on April 2022. A slaty-breasted rail, Lewinia striata, flew into the window pane of a house and was stunned. The lady of the house rescued the bird and kept it safe in her house. The following day the lady called her neighbour, Mohamed Shah, to witness the release of the bird that had recovered remarkably well.

Mohamed Shah was thrilled to be able to photograph the release of the healthy bird. These birds are very furtive and so are difficult to spot and photograph, not to mention the opportunity to hold one in the hands. This species is native to the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia.

Photo 1. The slaty-breasted rail held firmly in its rescuer’s hand just before its release.
Photo 2. Showing off the beautiful white barred markings on the bird.
Photo 3. The slaty-breasted rail straining to get away.
Photo 4. The rescuer preparing to let the now healthy slaty-breasted rail get back to its home.
Photo 5. The bird flying to its natural home.


Bird Ecology Study Group thanks Lee Soo Ann and Mohamed Shah for this documentation.  All photographs © Mohamed Shah.

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