Malayan Partridge calls – possible mating-ritual calls

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I occasionally come across Malayan Partridges (Arborophila campbelli) in the Cameron Highlands. On 18th April 2022 at 1.20pm at 1,800m ASL at Cameron Highlands I came across this group of at least 3 birds (possibly 5) using loud calls – the birds were more heard than seen (not seen well in the undergrowth). Calls made by one bird were answered by 2 other birds from different locations; not necessarily at the same time.

The calls I heard at this time were different from the ones I have heard in the past (see this older recording:; calls rendered “oii, oii, oii” by Wells).

Post 1.

This time there were two distinct calls made, often in unison, and by two different birds that seemed to be sided by side. One call is that as described by Wells (1999) as “pi-hor”. The second, louder call, is a strident “chip, chip”. These calls start very soft then rapidly get very loud. They last 17-22 seconds and comprise 50-60 notes. The “oii, oii, oii” calls can also be heard in one section of the recording.

Post 2.

A call record comprising 3 sets of these calls is found here:

I do not think these are advertising or contact calls but more likely mating-ritual calls.

Attached the waveform and sonogram – first of the “pi-hor” and “chip, chip” notes together (post 1); then of the “chip, chip” alone (post 2).

Despite their loudness they are low frequency calls.


Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS – Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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