Mountain Leaf Warbler

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A smart little Mountain Leaf Warbler (Phylloscopus trivirgatus parvirostris) with striking head markings. I wondered if this was a first year bird. Although the markings all look like an adult, including the bare parts, note the clear white patch at the belly (also seen in other views); Wells (2007) states that juveniles have a white belly.

However, I looked at all my older images and the belly is whitish even in adult birds that are nesting. Perhaps a feature not often noted.

Note that both the supercilium and median stripe broaden/widen as they progress posteriorly (Wells 2007).

Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) – Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Location: 1,700m ASL, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Habitat: Trail through primary jungle

Date: 6th August 2020

Equipment: Equipment: Nikon D500 SLR with Nikon AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR, handheld with Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Shotgun Microphone

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