White-bellied Erpornis – spider prey

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I frequently observe the White-bellied Erpornis (Erpornis zantholeuca) as a small group, often part of a mixed-species foraging party.

Today, 3rd February 2022, at the Kledang Saiong Forest Reserve, Ipoh, Perak, I saw 4-5 birds foraging with 4 Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher (Culicicapa ceylonensis) and a number of bulbul species.

Their foraging is ‘acrobatic’, hanging upside down, looking under leaves and exploring closed leaves for invertebrate prey.

One bird I saw today found a spider ‘nest’ and first took the silk egg sac; and then went back to take the spider (possibly a female Wolf spider).

See composite above for feeding activity. The beak was used to open the curled-up leaf. The spider prey was taken to another branch for processing before eating.


Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) – Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


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