Grey-rumped Treeswift – foraging and nesting

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Four to five Grey-rumped Treeswifts (Hemiprocne longipennis harterti) were seen foraging in the morning sky together. This was on 28th February 2019, above the previously logged forest with secondary growth and some residual primary forest at the Ulu Kinta Forest Reserve, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Grey-rumped Treeswift high above the ground.

On the ground below, this time on 8th August 2019 and along a trail through the Kledang-Sayong Forest Reserve, also in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, I saw this Grey-rumped Treeswift nesting high up on bare branch (~12-14 meters up) with good all round views for the bird.

Grey-rumped Treeswift nesting high up in the tree.

A pair of Whiskered Treeswift (Hemiprocne comata comate) were also using this tree as a foraging perch with no conflict. There was limited access to get good images and an edited series of video using the Nikon P900 is here:  The long zoom on the P900 meant the bird could be observed from quite some distance, limiting disturbance. The female was incubating a single white egg throughout my intermittent observation period. She frequently looked around for threats. At 3.30 minutes into the edited video you can see her checking the egg and ‘rolling’ (turning) it over.


Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr) – Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Equipment: Equipment: Nikon D500 SLR with Nikon AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR, handheld with Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Shotgun Microphone


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