Giant Mudskipper in Pasir Ris mangrove swamp

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The giant mudskipper Periophthalmodon schlosseri belongs to the Gobiidae family of fish.  The mudskippers have eyes placed at the top of their heads.  They also prefer to crawl about on land with the help of muscular pectoral fins. The fish breathe air through their moist skins as well as extracting oxygen from water they keep sealed tightly within the gill chambers.  Every so often the fish plop into water puddles to change the water  in the gill chambers. The giant mudskippers can grow to 27 cm in length.  They feed on crabs and worms in mangrove swamps.

Cultured mudskippers are sold as table-fish in Taiwan.

Photo 1 by Soh Kam Yung. 27 February 2022. Pasir Ris mangroves, Singapore.
Photo 2 by Soh Kam Yung. 27 February 2022. Pasir Ris mangroves, Singapore.


Photos 1 & 2 on iNaturalist [ ]

Read this post and  this post by Leong Tzi Ming. In the first post, Leong TM described the mudskipper being harassed by pesky mosquitoes.  In the second post, a mudskipper gobbled up a crab.
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