House crows scavenge a road kill rat

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House crows, Corvus splendens, are omnivorous and very adapted to living close to humans.  They are opportunistic and feed on any scrap food they can encounter, whether plant or animal origins.

Dave sent in this photo showing a murder of crows crowding around a road kill rat at Bishan Street 13 on 15 February 2022.  This street has low traffic volume and the crows will clean up the rat carcass in a very short time.

Photo 1 by Dave. Crows gather around the dead rat to feed on its carcass.
Photo 2 by Wong Kais. The house crow has a brown-grey neck and a comparatively slender body to that of the large-billed crow, Corvus macrorhynchos.
Photo 3 by Wong Kais. The house crow has black legs and feet. The species exhibits anisodactyly, that is, three toes face forward and one toe points backward.


Angie Ng reported a crow killing a rat that ran across a road.

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