Oriental Pied Hornbill caught a lizard

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In January 2022, Yap Wai Ming witnessed an Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthroceros albirostris) manipulating a lizard with its beak.  The lizard is probably the garden lizard Calotes versicolor. Hornbills are omnivorous and have been visiting Sian Tuan Avenue for some time now. Read the posts at the bottom which document other hornbill foods.

Photo is a videoscreen grab to illustrate the lizard in the hornbill’s beak.


Video 1 by Yap Wai Ming. Sian Tuan Avenue. January 2022.

Video 2 by Yap Wai Ming.  Sian Tuan Avenue. January 2022.

Read post 1,post 2 ,post 3 and post 4 about visits by Oriental Pied Hornbills to the Bukit Timah area.

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