House crow nesting at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park

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Johnny Wee photographed a pair of house crow (Corvus splendens) nesting on a palm tree in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park.  A very young chick is in the nest. House crows typically lay 3-5 eggs in a clutch.  In the Handbook of the Birds of the World vol. 14 © 2009 p.550, older crows and crow pairs which have helpers tend to raise larger broods. Kelvin SH Peh and Navjot S. Sodhi (2002), authors of  Characteristics of Nocturnal Roosts of House Crows in Singapore in the Journal of Wildlife Management 66(4):1128-1133 reported that crows tend to prefer areas high in human activity and close to food sources.

Photo illustrates a pair of house crow parents and a singleton chick on a nest bed of dry twigs. Note the presence of 2 blue-coloured metal clothes hangers in the nest.

Read this post by Sun Chong Hong about crows incorporating blue-coloured metal clothes hangers in the nest. Also Read this post about things Japanese crows use in their nests.

Article by Teo Lee Wei

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