Soil centipede (Order Geophilomorpha)

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Centipedes are divided into 3 orders:

1. Scutigeromorpha (House centipedes)        See this post.

2. Geophilomorpha ( Soil centipedes)

3. Scolopendromorpha ( Tropical centipedes)

Soil centipedes burrow in soil in gardens, farms and forests. They can be found under rocks, stones and other objects which provide shelters from the elements. They feed on small insects in the soil and possess weak mandibles to carry out this function.

Soil centipedes exhibit parental care and keep the nest area clean.

Photo 1 by Gait Fee. A stone in the garden.
Photo 2 by Gait Fee. Beneath the stone is a female soil centipede guarding her eggs.

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