White-breasted kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) asks what is for lunch

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The white-breasted kingfisher is also known as the white-throated kingfisher. Halcyon smyrnensis can even be found in areas without water bodies where fish thrive.  They are known to have a varied diet.

The photo gallery below showcases a few of  their preys.

Photo 1 by Jonathan Kuah. Sembawang 16 November 2021. Can the kingfisher manage a bat?
Photo 2 by Jason Kok. Sembawang 16 November 2021. Yes, the kingfisher can manage this flying mammal for lunch.
Photo 3 by Albert Yeoh 17 June 2021. Penang. Kingfisher caught a lizard.
Photo 4 by Janet Loh. 4 September 2021. Skink for lunch today. Singapore.
Photo 5 by Desmond Yap. 12 November 2021. Canberra Street, Sembawang. Centipede for lunch.
Photo 6 by Lucy Tan 7 October 2021. A hawkmoth caterpillar makes a juicy lunch. Singapore.
Photo 7 by Lee Wee Yee October 2021 Penang. Fresh fish for lunch.
Photo 8 by Freddy Chew 17 January 2018. China. Crab is great for lunch.


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