Newly moulted wood centipede Scutigera

A dark coloured wood centipede with a lighter coloured moult labelled m. Video screengrab.


The wood centipede is also known as the house centipede.  It is venomous but does not cause human fatality. The venom is necessary to obtain preys (spiders, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants) and for self-defence. It prefers moist environments and thus can be found in damp bathrooms. They are nocturnal, fast-moving and like scuttle around like spiders.

Centipedes are terrestrial arthropods and thus moult to grow larger in size.  Francis Seow-Choen observed one such specimen in a Singapore Forest Reserve.

Video by Francis Seow-Choen.


  1. Biodiversity of Singapore: An encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development © 2011 Edited by: Peter KL Ng, Richard T. Corlett and Hugh T. W. Tan
  2. ( The house centipede is fast , furious and just so extra.)

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