Barn owl (Tyto alba) attacked by crows at Bishan

On 13 November 2021 at approximately 1300h, Dave was walking near Block 509 Bishan Street 11 when he noticed some crows perched restlessly in the vicinity. A flock of about 10 crows (probably Corvus splendens) started mobbing a barn owl (Tyto alba) in flight. The owl landed on the roof surrounded by the attacking crows. The crows cawed loudly and encircled the owl. The aggressors looked like they were going to attack the owl. The scene was very tense and many curious people rushed to the scene of attack. The crows then backed off to the higher roof on their own accord.  The attacking bird mob was still agitated while on the higher roof and  the members looked like they were ready to attack again.

Photo 1. The barn owl was on the lower level roof while the crows which retreated stayed restless and agitated on the higher level roof.


Photo 2. A closer shot of the barn owl on the roof.


Photo 3. The cowering barn owl.


The owl then flew to a nearby tree and the crows went in pursuit of the owl again.  The crows attacked the owl and then flew off to perch on nearby branches and signboards.

Photo 4. The owl cowering on a tree branch after the crow attack.


Photo 5. The owl on the tree branch with its back facing outwards and looking into the foliage.


Video of the owl sitting on the roof after the first attack.

Read this account and this post about other reported instances of barn owls being mobbed by other birds.

Dave had to hurry off to run errands and did not stay around to witness the eventual sequence of events or what the owl did after this.


Video and all photo credits: Dave


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