Red-necked bronzeback (Dendrelaphis kopsteini)

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The red-necked bronzeback is a member of the Colubrid family of snakes.  It is non-venomous, widespread but seldom seen as they inhabit the forests. They are found in Thailand, Peninsula Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. It is a diurnal creature that is mainly tree-dwelling but would chase their preys to the ground.

This snake has rather large eyes and a black streak on the side of the head which runs till the neck. The neck is slender but  enlarges during threatening situations, during which the orange-red colour on the back of its head becomes conspicuous. The body is slender and grows to 1.5 m. The scales on its back are brown and during tense situations patches of blue appear in between the brown scales. The underside of head and front half of body is yellow (see photo), the underside of the rear half of the body is light green to brown.

They feed predominantly on lizards and frogs and are in turn predated by birds of prey and large snakes.

Video-screen grab of the red-necked bronzeback.


Video was taken by Samuel Seow Ann at Mandai Track 15 on 14 June 2021.


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