Pink-necked pigeon feeding on MacArthur palm fruits

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A female pink-necked pigeon (Treron vernans) was seen feeding happily on a MacArthur palm (Ptychosperma macarthurii) tree. The bird selected ripe fruits from a mass of fruits at different stages of ripening. In the second video, the bird can be seen making swallowing motions and moving its muscles around the crop to reposition the fruits in its crop. The video also documented the bird swallowing the fruits whole. The eaten fruits made their way to the crop within a split fraction of a second.




Click on this link to view All day dining at MacArthur outlet by YC Wee.

The video clips were filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S9 along the back fence of a house near Serangoon Gardens Secondary School, Singapore.  25 October 2021

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