Currawong regurgitates seeds into birdbath in Redcliffe, Queensland

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On 9 October 2021, Ruth Lister from Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia shared her observations and a photograph of regurgitated seeds in the birdbath and another picture of a bluetongue skink (Tiliqua scincoides) drinking from a water bowl. She was commenting in our post  


Not sure what these seeds are. We live in Redcliffe, Qld. I posted a comment on this morning about our resident Currawong who has recently started spitting these seeds on to the top of the fence rail and into the birdbath. It’s only relatively new to our neighbourhood, started hearing it in late autumn and through winter.

I’ve been removing the seeds, as I don’t want ‘something’ possibly  huge, springing up in the tiny side yard beside our unit.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the seeds. The water turns green, then  black after a day.

Here’s also a picture of one of our resident ‘Blueys’ having a drink from the shallow bowl I placed near the birdbath until I cleaned and refilled it.

Have a great day.
Ruth Lister

Seeds regurgitated by currawong in Ruth Lister’s birdbath in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.
Eastern bluetongue skink drinking from water bowl in Ruth Lister’s garden, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.                                               


Can anyone familiar with Queensland flora identify the seeds in the birdbath of Ruth’s garden?


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