Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa dauurica)

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Dr Pary Sivaraman shared his beautiful photograph of an Asian Brown Flycatcher ( Muscicapa dauurica) at Jurong Lake Gardens on 4 October 2021, 6.47 pm.  It had a decapitated dragonfly in its beak.  Below is a description of his chance encounter that resulted in this documentation of the flycatcher’s prey.

Asian Brown Flycatcher Jurong Lake Gardens 041021

Have been avoiding some of these birding hot-spots with the anticipated crowds. Decided to do a quick walk to one of the hot-spots during lunch time to assess the ground situation. It wasn’t crowded and not unexpectedly there weren’t any ‘star-birds’. The Asian Brown Flycatcher was active at that time and managed to get this photo against strong back light.

Pary Sivaraman

4 October 2021, 6.47 pm

Many thanks to Leong Tzi Ming for help in identifying the insect in the flycatcher’s beak.

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