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BESGroup was conceptualised in 2005 by Prof. YC Wee and built up steadily through hard work and a constant flow of contributions from citizen scientists of all walks of life. Ordinary folks had observed and documented events in nature using state-of-the-art equipment of the time. Inter and intra-specific relationships were noticed and observed in specific space and time. Feeding relationships, courtship behaviours, nest building, rearing and protection of young, friendship between different species and coping mechanisms in all areas of life are commonly observed. Thus, it is appropriate and relevant to document plants, fungi, algae and non-birds living on land and in water. Many contributors are eager to share their documentations on a digital platform to influence public awareness and for educational purposes. The joy of witnessing a wondrous natural event is complete only with the act of sharing this observation with other people.

BESGroup pictures and videos, appropriate for all age groups, are a handy assistant to teachers in the classrooms. Classrooms are fitted for usage of online materials. The website is very user friendly and children can be taught to explore the website in their own time. The young arm chair naturalists learn of their natural heritage in a fun and safe way and may grow up with the desire to do their part to preserve this for posterity. Older students can refer to the posts here to augment their understanding of animal behaviours and ecological principles.
Some contributors are introspective and philosophical, some admire the ingenuity and efficient use of natural resources and some see the comical side of things. All these perspectives make the contributions greater than the whole.

The rapid advancement in phone cameras makes anyone in possession of a smartphone an instant documentarian. Only the hesitation to document a natural event stands in the way of the common man. Even children can be encouraged to document nature from a young age.
The next generation of bird watchers will be highly skilled in computer applications. In the near future, perhaps these archival materials will be put through analytics programmes to reveal new patterns of behaviours and relationships.

Borne out of great vision and foresight of the Founder, and the altruism of many early contributors, this website will stay relevant and serve many more citizen scientists for a long time. The mini documentaries on this website have been viewed 34 million times around the world since 2005. The counting will continue with the support and contributions of young and old. You can submit your mini documentaries to:


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