A phalanx of Asian Openbills arrived in Singapore

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In January 2013, Johnny Wee encountered a few Asian Openbills (Anastomus oscitans) at Seletar West Link – see HERE. This was probably the first record for Singapore.

Asian Openbills (Photo: Johnny Wee).

This time around the openbills arrived at least by more than a thousand, according to field ornithologist Wang Luan Keng.

Risk Koh recorded on video more than a hundred feeding at Kranji Marshes on 14th December 2019. The video was taken from KM Tower which gave him some shelter from the rain (see below).

Resident in India, Sri Lanka to Thailand, these Asian Openbills have been migrating southwards since a few years ago. A cold front forced them to fly south in search of food. Up to a thousand birds were seen in Perak, Malaysia in 2013, believed to have flown from south Thailand LINK. And since then they are common in Peninsular Malaysia LINK. Now they have arrived in Singapore.

Asian Openbills feed mainly on Golden Apple Snails LINK.

Risk Koh & Wang Luan Keng
15th December 2019


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