Blue-winged Pitta ended up in Commonwealth Secondary School

“On 12th November, a Blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis) was found flying into the glass door of our Design Space multiple times at around 1145 hrs. This is the very first sighting recorded in our school!

“Our Desktop Engineer, Mr Eric Ting, was in the Design Space when this Blue-winged Pitta was banging onto the glass door. He immediately gave our Biology teacher, Mr Jacob Tan, a call and described the bird as one with dark green and blue feathers. Knowing that this is an uncommon migrant and possible rare resident in Singapore, Mr Tan told him to direct the bird away from the glass door and towards The Wetland which is just beside the Design Space. Mr Ting went on to take hold of the bird, examined its wings and released it into the wild.

“While this Blue-winged Pitta might have missed our school’s Open House last Saturday but still wanted to 3-D print a nest for itself, we are glad to have attracted it to seek refuge in our eco-habitats.

“And after its very first recorded sighting in our school on 12 Nov, the Blue-winged Pitta continued to be sighted at our habitat enhancement site next to The Wetland for two consecutive days.

“On 14th November, there was even a pair of them exploring the same site at 1300 hrs.

“Being an uncommon migrant and rare resident in Singapore, it would really be an honour for our school if indeed we can be a nesting site for this pair of Blue-winged Pitta.

“If you see any animal that is sick/injured, in distress, or require protection, take a clear picture of the animal and report the sighting to the General Office immediately. Ms Lye Zhen Xi and myself will be informed and will respond to the case as we have been trained as wildlife rescue volunteers with ACRES.

“Let’s make our school a safe haven for wildlife.”

Jacob Tan Guanrui
Senior Teacher (Biology)
Commonwealth Secondary School
16th November 2019

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